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Pharmaceutical logistics services are crucial in making products available for people. They are essential to provide proper patient care. However, medical shipments demand delicate care, trained personals and robust safety measures for distribution.

We at MedICon integrate cutting edge technology and industry expertise to provide cost-effective medical logistics solutions. We offer sophisticated logistics services that are custom-made for pharmaceutical companies.

We maintain global industry standards and quality. Our crew trained in handling IATA DG prioritizes safety and quality at every step. That is how we make shipments a seamless experience for our customers.

Our experience in medical logistics led us to improvise and gain a competitive edge over the industry. We take pride in being a pharmaceutical logistics specialist in Malaysia. For us, delivering goods is fulfilling patient care goals and offering customer satisfaction.

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Our Focus & Intrests for business

IMP & Clinical Trial Supplies

Hassle-free transport and delivery of materials and clinical equipment.

Human Cord Blood & Bio Banking Services

Collection, preservation and delivery of human cord blood. Standard procedures with trained experts to take care of the biobanking services.

Biomarkers & First InHuman Studies

Comprehensive biomarker testing with advanced precision reveals health complications and allows targeted treatments.

Central Laboratory Logistics

A central laboratory with state of the art facilities for testing. Storage and safety of the specimens and test results.

Bulk & Finished Goods Distribution

Tailor-made storage and distribution of Bulk and finished goods with optimum safety measures.