Cold Room Facility

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Cold Room Facility

We have cold room facilities for temperature ranges between 2-8℃ and 15-25℃. Our experts run temperature checks to ensure product safety and quality.

Our global Cold Storage facilities ensure optimal product temperatures depending on the commodity needs; typically, within the range -25˚C to +25˚C. When needed, we can also provide atmosphere-controlled conditions e.g. for pharmaceuticals, ripening of certain fruits and long-term cold storage for fresh fruits.

Various type of cold storages

Short-term storage : Flexible cold storage capacity to cover for any interruptions in your distribution process or other short-term needs.

Seasonal warehousing : Cold storage capacity to cover your seasonal needs.

Palletising/Depalletising : Palletisation or depalletisation in origin or destination hubs for further transportation or storage.

Pick and pack : Packaging of your sales orders for distribution.

Packing and re-packing : Packing, re-packing and labelling of your cargo based on your specified requirements.

Blast chilling and freezing : Powerful refrigeration facilities to instantly chill or freeze fresh produce such as meat or fish to the required temperature (available in some facilities).

Cross docking : Transfer your cargo directly from the container to one or more reefer trucks destined domestically or cross-border in a temperature-controlled environment.

Cold storage is typically based on mid and long-term contracts with fixed and variable volumes. In some cases, warehouses are built-to-suit (BTS) for larger customers. Reach out to MediCon Logisctics for more information on cold storage.