Same Day Central Supply

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Same Day Central Supply

We plan a route based supply model to cut down cost and improve efficiency. We provide same-day delivery as and when demanded.

MediCon provides Outsourced medical courier services are relied on to deliver medical reports, lab specimens, surgical instruments and blood to and from the medical offices, labs, hospitals, and patient’s homes. And because of its nature, such deliveries are expected to be prompt and scheduled. We offer Such services rush and same-day delivery as well and ensure their care when handling sensitive material, samples, heavy equipment and medical records

Medicon does Decontaminate surgical instruments and endoscopes. Prepare, sterilize, and package surgical instruments. Decontaminate equipment as assigned and distribute medical and surgical supplies. Maintain proper documentation and perform other duties as assigned within the scope of position. Manage the Central Supply/Receiving area to function as a synergistic, harmonious, and productive entity.

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