Freight Services

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Freight Services

Our freight services are robust and reliable. We ship via road, air and sea catering to the client's preferences. MediCon simplifies your logistics, while plugging your company into a world of opportunities. We believe every company deserves to feel the excitement of going global, regardless of size.

Forget those lengthy email chains. We make booking online fast and easy - with just a few clicks - whether you want to import or export; book yourself or authorise your supplier.

With Twill you get clear visibility of your shipment's journey. You can book your cargo from warehouse to warehouse, port to port or other combinations. Whatever you choose, we make sure you can track your cargo along the way and stay up to date on its status. And All your shipping documents are stored safely on our platform, which you can access from any device, at any time.

Easy booking, multiple services

Giving you clear visibility

Shipments in one place