Track & Trace

Need to know your delivery status? Fill out our easy traking option to track your product.

Customized Services

Specialization and professionalism is the key to pharmaceutical, healthcare and supply chain services. The packaging, temperature and handling of products vary depending on the type of product. Thus, we customize the shipment strategy for every product from start to end. We curate innovative solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Skilled Professionals

Catering to medical companies for over 10 years, we are aware of the challenges they pose. Our professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and training in IATA DG will analyze and study every material. With their expertise, they formulate a clear contingency plan for storage, packaging and distribution. They ensure ideal packaging and ambience for each type of product.

Quality Service

MediCon has well-trained, quality staff and drivers to carry out the shipment. Our team monitors and verifies every step for accuracy. We deliver the products to the right place on time with no compromise on quality. That is how we gain trust and support from our customers.